We Lead AI Mobility

Mobilus started in 2005 and has been conducting mobile and vehicle electronics businesses, contributing greatly to the integration and development of vehicle IT. Mobilus' goal is to realize completely unmanned driving and unmanned work for a better life.

We Make AI Mobility

MOBILUS is currently focusing on the mobility electronics business and is consolidating its technology in the fields of infotainment systems, clusters, and AR-HUD.

  • IVI System

    We have been developing IVI system for global automotive OEMs and have produced and supplied the IVI system for HKMC's exports.

  • Unmanned drinving & umanned work

    We are developing and supplying cluster systems for construction machinery and agricultural machinery, and have created an autonomous driving system for the agricultural machinery sector. We plan to supply AI-based autonomous driving systems to various mobility sectors in the future.

  • Intelligent Technology

    It operates based on optical principles, displaying speed, navigation, ADAS, and other information in real-time in front of the vehicle. We are creating technology that improves the intelligent cockpit experience and enables more intelligent navigation.

What we do

MOBILUS has been developing IVI systems for global automotive OEMs and producing and supplying IVI systems for HKMC exports, consolidating its technology in the fields of IVI systems, clusters, and AR-HUD.

For the future, starting with autonomous driving solutions for agricultural machinery, Mobilus is advancing into autonomous driving solution businesses for off-road mobility and launching an off-road autonomous electric mobility platform business that can be easily adopted across various industries.

  • Autonomous Driving Module
  • Unmanned Mobility Vehicle
  • IVI System

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