Mobilus Mobilus

Technology Overview

Development of autonomous driving and autonomous operation technologies for unmanned mobility, providing mobility capable of unmanned operations in any environment.

  • On-Device AI
    On-Device AI

    At MOBILUS, we equip our autonomous mobility products with cutting-edge 'On Device AI' technology.

    Enhanced Privacy Protection

    All AI processing occurs within the user's device, strengthening the security and privacy of personal data.

    Immediate Processing Speed

    Processes data in real-time without any delay in communication with cloud servers, providing fast response times.

    Offline Operation Capable

    No internet connection required, allowing AI features to be used anywhere.

    Energy Efficient

    Reduces the energy required for data transmission, extending the device's battery life.

    Personalized User Experience

    Provides optimized, customized services tailored to the user's usage patterns and environment.

  • Sensor Fusion
    Sensor Fusion

    MOBILUS possesses sensor technology, a core component of autonomous driving technology.
    Utilizing a variety of sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, and lasers, it detects all elements of the sensor environment in a single model to perform tasks.

    LiDAR Sensor

    The LiDAR sensor measures the distance of the surrounding environment using light. This is essential for creating precise maps needed for autonomous driving and detecting obstacles.

    Camera-Based Sensor

    The camera provides visual information of the surroundings. Through this, boundary recognition and detection of various objects are possible.

    Integrated Data Processing

    All sensor data are processed together with advanced algorithms to determine a safe and efficient driving route in real-time.

  • Visual LiDAR SLAM
    Visual LiDAR SLAM

    We are leading innovation in the field of robots and autonomous vehicles by developing cutting-edge SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology. SLAM technology possesses the following features and will provide new value to your business:

    Precise Environmental Perception

    SLAM technology collects detailed information of complex environments through sensors such as cameras and LiDAR.

    Real-time Map Generation

    It generates precise maps of the surrounding environment in real-time based on collected data. This enables accurate navigation even in areas that robots or vehicles are visiting for the first time.

    Continuous Position Estimation

    SLAM continuously estimates the current position of robots or vehicles, thereby improving the accuracy of navigation and navigation systems.

    Map Updates and Optimization

    As the autonomous entity moves, the SLAM system continuously updates and optimizes the map.

    Efficient Route Planning

    Utilizes the generated map to plan efficient routes and safely navigate to the destination.