Mobilus Mobilus

Good people create good technology for a better world.

Good People make Good
Technology for Good World

We grow together with MOBILUS's unique expertise and technological strength.

We grow together through expertise and technological strength. We cooperate across organizations and communicate transparently.
To achieve this, we clearly explain and share the decision-making process with our members.

We possess a wide range of knowledge and experience in business and technology fields, along with the expertise to solve problems. By collaborating, we quickly achieve our goals, continuously linking each other's achievements to produce high-level results.

  • Mobility

    Through years of experience in the automotive electronics business, we have acquired a diverse range of platforms and know-how, and we aim to become the world's most competitive AI Mobility company.

  • Unmannd Technology

    It is a technology that allows for autonomous driving and operation according to the purpose of the Mobility without the driver's intervention. Based on various sensing technologies and AI, it enables the operation of various equipment such as agricultural and construction machinery with the highest work efficiency.

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment

    We possess state-of-the-art IVI platforms for various operating systems and have all processes and quality assurance capabilities in place for global supply. Our goal is always to create a familiar and friendly driving environment.

Our company's ideal candidate

Adopting a positive attitude, constantly embracing challenges,
and practicing a collaborative mindset.

  • Attitude


  • Challenge


  • Together


We are looking for ambitious individuals
who are ready to grow together
and lead the future.

Recruitment Procedure

Please submit your documents via email.

Download the application form, complete it, and send it to with the filename 'ApplicationForm_Name.doc'.

Recruitment Process
Document screening
First-round interview
Second-round interview (if necessary).

Interview method: individual interview or group interview 1st working-level interview (team leader → executive)

Individual interviews include checking personal information and basic data, and answering questions about personality and major-related topics.

Group interviews measure the ability to solve tasks presented by the interviewer under the same conditions.

2nd executive interview (executive → CEO)